Argent Sound Recordings

Argent Sound Compilation Album Released

2003-2007 Compilation, yay!

The first compilation to be released on ASR spans the last five years, from A Lonely Bird to Wolf Wolf.

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Jonathan Scout

New collaborative project in the works for Jonathan and Dana

Jonathan Scout has just announced that he and lablemate (and soon to be actual mate, incedentally) Dana Ashley (The Pink Cloud and Midnight Sky) have been working on a new as of yet unnamed project that will hopefully see a summer release on ASR.

Coming off the heels of their recent Tour and split EP, We’ve Always Dreamed , the new project has the two sharing songwriting duties and promises to be an energetic new direction for both.

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Phantom Lake

Phantom Lake disbands

In the wake of Robert Worth’s exit to pursue his solo project, Phantom Lake has decided to call it quits. “Robert was the main reason for the group in the first place. Since he changed his mind, we’ve been slowly decaying,” said Daren Kaplan, co-founder.

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Wolf Wolf

A Wolf’s Reading

Tasty books methinks.

Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino
Arboretum by David Byrne

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