Various Artists

Argent Sound Compilation

Track List:
  1. Darker Sparks
  2. Jonathan Scout:
    To Seek Tomorrow
  3. The Summer Oaks:
    Chance Encounters
  4. Wolf Wolf:
    Earnest Men and funny Birds
  5. Jonathan Scout:
    The Depths
  6. Phantom Lake:
    Uninterrupted Surface Tension
  7. The Pink Cloud and Midnight Sky:
    A Light Came from the Shore
  8. Sanguinary Coast:
    Sharper Edges/Take to the Skies
  9. A Lonely Bird:
    Yesterday Has Flown
  10. Good Luck Have Fun!:
    The Return


Released: May 4, 2007

The story of ASR in a ten track CD. Cool huh?

#6. When she was alone, she pined for home in song.