Good Luck Have Fun!

Sunset Larks

Track List:
  1. Over the Walls
  2. On White Wings
  3. Hand in Hand
  4. The Sound of Subjects
  5. Shun the Ghosts
  6. Let’s Undress and Listen to CSS
  7. Out Tonight
  8. Starry Nights for the Starry-Eyed
  9. The Return / lyrics
  10. Fin


Released: February 6, 2007

Sunset Larks is an album full of bouncing beats and joyous refrains fueled by buzzing synths and caffeine. The kind of sound that makes princesses and dorky white kids take to the dance floor alike. A triumphant record.


Philip Cardiff: vox, synthesizer
Jamie Ashley: guitar
Julian Bishop: synthesizer
Anthony Miller: drums
Dana Ashely: vox tracks 8 and 10
Jonathan Scout: vox, guitar tracks 3 and 10

#34. They were married and lived happily ever after.