The Pink Cloud and Midnight Sky + Jonathan Scout

We’ve Always Dreamed (Split Tour EP)

Track List:
  1. Family Arms / PCMS
  2. When I Get Home / PCMS
  3. A Light Came from the Shore (live) / PCMS
  4. Promise (live) / PCMS
  5. Lost and Found / JS
  6. Yours / JS
  7. My Dearest (live) / JS
  8. A Love Exists (live) / JS


Released: June 13, 2006

We’ve Always Dreamed is a split tour EP featuring live versions from past albums as well as two new tracks a piece. The live duet between the two on Promise particularly stands out. Although Robert Worth joined Jonathan on stage at the beginning of the tour, his presence is absent from the EP. However, the recording still captures the energy and excitement of the tour.


Dana Ashley
Craig Fischer
Jay Barry
Alvin Watson
Simon Davies

Jonathan Scout: Vox, acoustic and electric guitars, piano
Daniel Exceter: Drums and percussion

#27. The churning soil and creaking vines drove them toward the water as the bridge crumbled into the lake.