A Lonely Bird

Expiration Date

Track List:
  1. My Previous Life
  2. Source of A Maiden’s Sorrow
  3. A Trap
  4. My Own Cage
  5. Cloak of Feathers
  6. The Exit Found
  7. Lifted
  8. Yesterday Has Flown / lyrics
  9. Today, Lakes of Crystal
  10. The Villain’s Pierced Heart
  11. He Spoke White Ravens


Released: March 7, 2006

Expiration Date is a unexpected direction for former Phantom Laker, Robert Worth. Forsaking the cold and harrowing electronica of his former group, Worth reaches for a Gibson J-50 and pens sorrowful yet warm vignettes. Unable to completely escape his past, the sound of drum machines and synthesizers surface in the mix, but never sound cold.


Robert Worth: vox, acoustic guitar, drum programming
Wes Lehman: drums, percussion
Jonathan Scout: piano, backing vox

#28. The prince sounded the bell for the third time again summoning the black bird.