The Pink Cloud and Midnight Sky


Track List:
  1. Stolen Away
  2. The Night
  3. Solitude II
  4. Life Spent in a Cottage
  5. She Longs to be a Princess
  6. A Light Came from the Shore / lyrics
  7. Today
  8. What We Have
  9. Promise
  10. Gathering Things
  11. Go Outside
  12. Chasing Vines


Released: May 10, 2005

The second full-length release by The Pink Cloud and Midnight Sky finds Dana Ashley in a new city with a new supporting cast. The two years spent on Claire show as it sounds much more realized and mature than Vanish, though still present are the playful screeching and nonsensical lyrical diversions she makes work so well.

“Although it was lonely and a bit of a struggle when I first moved to Chicago, I feel I’ve really grown through making this album. The new band has been really supportive and Robert (from A Lonely Bird) would stop by occasionally to see how things were going and help out. One day during recording, Rob brought along Jonathan which was kinda awkward at first, but we soon hit it off. He helped give the second half of the album some direction and I asked him to contribute some vocals to it. That was when we came up with the joint tour and EP idea. ”


Dana Ashley
Craig Fischer
Jay Barry
Alvin Watson
Simon Davies
Jonathan Scout: vocals tracks 7 and 9

#26. Upon crossing the threshold of the cottage, a great mass of thorns burst forth from the ground.