Phantom Lake

The Vexed Snare

Track List:
  1. My Trap
  2. Murky
  3. A Single Sound
  4. The Charcoal Winged Cloud
  5. Uninterrupted Surface Tension
  6. The Undoing
  7. Rests Safe
  8. Shorelines


Released: February 8, 2005

Phantom Lake’s first full-length, The Vexed Snare is a journey of frustration and irrationality through the detatchment of digital technology. However, the record nevers chooses abrasiveness over a metallic melancholy. A compelling vignette of rejection and sadness recounted by 1’s and 0’s. Murky is a harrowing descent into a watery expanse of sound and darkness.


Robert Worth
Daren Kaplan
Jeff Houston

#13. A goodly prince is generous, even to birds oft treacherous and so our hero acts in princely fashion.