Jonathan Scout

Jonathan Scout

Track List:
  1. To Seek Tomorrow I / lyrics
  2. The Children of Kings
  3. A Feather to the Wind
  4. Young Jonathan
  5. The Third
  6. Where to Look
  7. To Seek Tomorrow II
  8. Fables and Fortunes
  9. My Dearest
  10. The Forest Boundary


Released: August 24, 2004

Jonathan Scout’s eponymous debut is a rich field of pop majesty.

“A lot of this album was inspired by stories I heard growing up. The themes from all those bedtime stories and songs definitely found their way into the album.”


Jonathan Scout: Vox, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, bass, glockenspiel
Eric Bridgeman: Cello
Daniel Exceter: Drums and percussion

#7. The embittered sorcerer vowed that none shall have her.