The Pink Cloud and Midnight Sky


Track List:
  1. Afternoons in the Garden
  2. Tomorrow’s On It’s Way
  3. Unpleasant Figure
  4. Will Not Have
  5. The Night Shroud
  6. A Royal Line Sleeps
  7. West
  8. Gifts for Nothing
  9. Solitude


Released: March 18, 2003

The debut PCMS album, Vanish is a charming lo-fi, twee-folk piece that builds upon Dana Ashley’s early four-track demos. The result is an honest and intimate account of hope, trials and doubt. The album was well received and the final track, Solitude, soon became a fan favorite. A reprisal Solitude would even find its way onto the second album, Claire.


Dana Ashley: vocals, guitar, piano
Mark Greenbrier: guitar, piano, glockenspiel
Trevor Neely: bass
Nathan Klein: drums

#25. When her eyes met those of her rescuer, she was filled with joy.